Institut Pasteur
25-28 Rue du Docteur Roux
75015 Paris, France

Research Interests


During my PhD I have worked on the quantum theory of strong interactions at the University of Milan, where I have studied photon emission in hadron colliders. After my PhD I spend one year the institut de physique theorique (CEA-Saclay) before joining the lab of Complex Systems and Statistical Mechanics at the university of Luxembourg, where I worked on stochastic thermodynamics and the energetic cost of information processing. In 2014 I made a transition to neuroscience by joining the Centre for Developmental Neurobiology at King's College London where I worked in the groups of Dr. QueeLim Ch'ng and Dr. Martin Meyer. In April 2020 I have obtained a Marie Skłodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellowship to join the Synaptic and Circuit Dynamics lab at the Institut Pasteur.

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